MARINI, established in Alfonsine Italy in 1899, is a world leader in the production of Asphalt Plants.


3000 asphalt plants sold throughout the world

Production branches in ChinaIndia and Turkey

Commercial branches in Romania, Russia, Dubai and Poland

Commercial and after-sales service throughout the world



The MARINI asphalt plant range includes:

Batch type plants, fixed, mobile and ultra-compact/ultra-mobile plants, with production from 60 to 300 tph, depending on the site layout (Top Tower, eTOWER, Roadstar).

Marini plants can be used with the most recent technologies e.g. Warm Mixes.
MARINI and the companies connected to the FAYAT Mixing Plant business unit complete the range with their continuous mix plants (MARINI-ERMONT) and cold mix plants (SAE).


Marini production is distinguished because of the following features:


High-quality and safe-to-use components and raw materials;

Superior performance level, able to satisfy the highest standard of quality and precision in compliance with the strictest environmental laws and regulations;

Energy savings, sturdiness and reliability which mean cost effective results;

Easy-to-use machinery with maintenance reduced to minimum, for a more rational and safe workplace;

Environmental-friendly energy savings

MARINIís products are a combination of the most modern methods of design and a vast experience acquired on work sites the world over.
The companyís philosophy is to put above all else the need to prevent and solve the real-life problems which users continuously meet in the workplace. In view of this MARINI resorts to individual, custom-made solutions.